"Lingerie translates to lace, delicacy, tender colors, beautiful patterns, sensuality and specially the fact that it's probably the most sensual cloth we have in our wardrobe. It's our most intimate, precious and private secret. We wear it for ourself or only for maybe someone very, very special.

A few years ago I started to create body chains on one of my mothers mannequins, wrapping chains around a red velvet bust until I found a shape that would enhance a woman's body. A piece that would make her feel sensual and feminine.

When I wear sexy lingerie I always feel more confident, stronger, sure of myself... It's like my secret superpower! That is what I evoque through my jewelry: women wearing jewelry for theirself, a secret that insinuates and invites to be imagined or discovered 

A game between a feminine mystery and seduction.

My body jewelry's designed to be an intimate piece: delicate and sensual."


Burke Herfort
Daughter from a german and dutch, Burke Herfort grew up in Formentera, Balearic islands is the designer and creator of Burke Ewig Jewelry. See as well her blog Loving life in Ibiza