I'm a failed anthropologist turned into jeweler.

I grew in Formentera but I have dutch and german origins. If you have been here you know how magical this place is and how the Balearic Islands themselves are a source of inspiration. 

burke ewig jewelry

You could say that creativity runs in the family. I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t creating necklaces, belly chains, anklets or bracelets. Then, I used hemp or cotton thread, stones, shells, glass or wooden beads. 

From an early age on I helped my mom when she sold her hand-made dresses on the mythical artisan markets of La Mola on Formentera. She let me sell the jewelry I made. 

Dreaming of studying art history but started Anthropology. After years working in luxury retail, real estate and events by day and designing and creating by night. I launched officially Burke Ewig Jewelry in January 2018.




Why Burke Ewig? 


I chose the name “Ewig” in memory of my grandmother Margarete Ewig. She was a free spirited woman who played the piano, was very well-read and even finished high school then. This was all very rare at the time. 

Burke ewig inspiration


At the beginning of World War I she accidentally received a letter to which she responded. From there on out, she started to exchange letters for the next three years (1916 - 1919) with a man who later became my grandfather. They married in 1920 and she later put all 156 letters together in a book. On the last page she added dried flowers from her wedding bouquet. 

 My father and her were very close and he always used to tell me how I was just like her. I always thought her book of love letters was so beautiful, something so intimate, private and uplifting in the difficult times of war. I chose her wax stamp as the logo for Burke Ewig Jewelry.  

burke ewig body jewelry inspiration

In addition, I chose her last name, because of its powerful meaning. ‘Ewig’ is a German word that can be translated to eternal, everlasting, forever,...We wear jewelry and it becomes part of us. Some say they feel naked without their jewelry. I want to create jewelry that makes a lasting statement, awakens the senses and gives confidence to whoever wears it. 

 My jewelry designs embody all of what I feel when I think about my grandmother and her book of letters: love for the small details in which we hold our fondest memories, tenderness, intimacy, but also the strength and confidence of a woman. 

Especially my body chains were inspired by female confidence and the sensuality of a woman’s body. 

Burke Ewig body jewelry mood and inspiration