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Turquoise Lysippe body chain


Body chain jewelry hand made with Turquoise, Topaz, Jade, Apatite and tourmaline gemstones.

In the photos you find the Lysippe body chain layered with a Iphito body chain.

Layer your body jewelry over a bikini, underneath an open-neck shirt as a chain bra or as bridal jewelry. The intimate jewelry drapes gracefully over the figure to accentuate and flatter your silhouette.

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The turquoise jewelry is made with Turquoise, Topaz, Jade, Apatite and tourmaline gemstones. As the jewelry is worn directly on the skin the properties from the stones is very important. All the gemstones are faceted and highly polished enhancing the stones natural color.

TOURMALINE: Serves as protection against negative energies and harm

TOPAZ: brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and shipping on all the jewelry.

Each body chain will arrive carefully packaged in a black satin bag inside an elegant box suitable for gifting.

The body chain is named after Lysippe, she was an Amazon Queen. Settled her Amazons near the Black Sea. She was the one who established the policies that Amazons lived by. She was an intelligent woman, an excellent general and founded the city, Themiscrya. She was killed in battle as a hero to her people. Her name means, "She Who Lets Loose the Horses."

Each hand crafted piece is made using natural materials, ensuring no two pieces are truly alike. 

*All pieces are handcrafted in Ibiza (Spain) and made to order
*Slight variations due to the individuality of each piece

The turquoise body chain in these pictures has sold, you will receive a necklace made the same exact way with all the same materials. All natural gemstones beads have their own unique markings and colors, so the crystal necklace you receive will be an original Burke Ewig Jewelry design.

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