The eclipse of the mind in Ibiza

Beach body in Ibiza wearing body jewelry 

Its hot. The air is sticky. The wind caresses my skin refreshed by the softness of its touch. With each step my feet sink deeper and deeper in the sand. I left my towel on the ground and tried to find the line of the horizon, it's so gloomy that my eyes cant see it. I take a deep breath and take off my dress. My lungs are full with the pure essence of the air. I undo my bun letting my hair free to play with the marine breeze. The wind smells salty and humid. The waves are breaking one after the other on the sand creating a magic and hypnotic sound that eclipsed with my thoughts, obliging them to stop and fade away. The stillness of my mind, the beauty displayed in front of me, the pleasure of the freshness and heat made me wake up in one of those fairy tales that were whispered to us long ago.

 Tatiana designer from Diosa Mar is wearing Thraso body chain


Tatiana Alexandra wearing body chain in ibiza


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