My friend, my muse, my dear horse

Feeling the fresh air in my face and the rhythm of Demeter’s hoofs digging deep in the soil just makes me feel in heaven. It’s a wonderful sensation riding her.

Demeter is a triple “S” Menorquin* mare: sweet, smart and sneaky! We have been having wonderful times since she was 9 months old… She was the most adorable big black teddy bear. I remember I could't stop hugging this little fluffy baby horse. That was already 8 years ago.

galloping menorquin horseSince a child I have been surrounded by horses and I can’t say other then that they are amazing creatures. Thats why I always loved the stories about the Amazons from the Greek Mythology. The idea of those strong warrior women on horses inspired me.

Later on in 2018 when I had to think of names for all my body chains as I didn’t want to name them randomly or put numbers on them. It took me a while until I came across the Amazons again.

the love of the horses

Trying to find more information about them but there wasn’t a lot about them. Most of what I found the tone about them was quite negative and derogatory. In my mind I though to myself history is told by the winners and what we know about the Amazons is mostly from the Greek history and they where quite misogynist. Finally I came across a wonderful book written by Adrienne Mayor: The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity.

After reading this book it all made sense to me. The Amazons in reality the people that lived between Grece and Euroasia called the Scyntians. They have found lots of graves with men and women that were equally buried with their spears,  shields, daggers or spears. They both presented battle signs when the skeletons were analyzed.

bohemian jewelry

 This made me want to name my jewelry after those brave women that lived long ago and this way giving my grain of sand giving them more visibility.

In the photos I'm wearing the Clete body chain in 14K Rose Gold with black gemstones: Spinel, Tourmaline, Onyx and Pyrite.

clete body chain in black

Clete or Cleite that means in Clasic Greek “The Invoked”. She was the Amazon who raised Penthesilea. On hearing Penthesilea had gone to liberate Troy, Clete set sail to join her, but was blown off course to Italy, where she founded the city Cleitae. The city was eventually destroyed by the Crotonians.

riding menorquin horses

body jewelry and hourses

jewelry inspired in the amazons

the end of the story by horse


* The Menorquín or Catalan: Cavall Menorquí is a breed of horse indigenous to the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands, from which it takes its name. It is closely associated with the doma menorquina style of riding.

Photos by AJG Film Production by Alfredo Omana



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