Lysippe body chain

Lysippe body chain
This body chain is inspired in the Amazon Lysippe. Her name in ancient Greek means “She Who Lets Loose the Horses.”
In the history about the Amazons its always said that if they had sons they would give them to the tribe of their fathers, they would only would raise the born daughters. In the Greek history we can find two stories about amazons that raised their sons but both of them have a tragic ending.
Lysippe's only son was completely devoted to war, neglecting love and marriage, infuriated the Goddess Aphrodite. So he prefered to die then to give up his chastity. He was compelled by her to drown himself to the river Amazonius that then will be named after his name: River Tanais.
As Adrienne Mayor (Author from The Amazons) confirms, its a mythic message that seems to be that headstrong and powerful foreign women raise sons who refuse to take on the traditional male roles of Greek man. 
The Lysippe body chain can be worn both sides as you can see below



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