How to wear a body chain - Body jewelry guide

Body chains can be worn in so many ways and you don’t always need to show it all, it can be as beautiful to just show a little glimpse of this jewelry piece. We are not as used to see them or wear them as much as for example as a normal necklace.

But let me tell you, body chains have been for centuries a jewelry piece that has been worn by women. I remember the first time I came along a photo from the murals from Pomeii with a women wearing a body chain. I bursted out laughing!!! And not any women, it was Venus herself represented with all her beauty and presence transmitting the confidence that she is known for in her myths. Thousands of years ago she was laying there in the baths in the most relaxed and beautiful way.  It made me feel so happy to see that as a woman I love to adorn my body as this woman did hundreds years ago.

Pompoya venus y Marte

Anyway coming back to the present, let’s first of all start with the basics of How do I wear the body chain?

·On top of the clothing: you can wear the body chain on top of a top, a blouse, a turtle neck sweater, a swimsuit, a dress and any favorite piece that you have in your ward robe that you want to adorn with some colorful piece of jewelry. 1.- Lysippe body chain 2.- Asteria body chain 3.- Euribe body chain 4-. Thraso body chain

How to wear a body chain over your cloths 

·Underneath the clothing: you wear it under a shirt or a t-shirt, a low cut blouse, a dress, a backless dress where you you can show off a draping of chains with gemstones around your back, with a Bikini or swimsuit among lots of other ways. 1.- Clete body chain 2.- Okyale body chain 3.-Lysippe body chain 4.- Areto body chain

how to wear a body chain under your cloths

1. Swimsuits.

Wearing a body chain on such desired and dreamed day. I don’t know you guys, but I’m dying to smell the sea, listen to the waves break on the coastline and feel the sea breeze caress my skin like I ever have before. .Body chains go perfectly with swimsuits. No mater if you are heading to the beach or to  a day at the pool, it can’t hurt to add a little sparkle to your summer outfit. Only never forget to rinse of the jewelry piece after the salt/ chlorine, sun screen or oils with some soap and sweet water. To simplify I put my whole self under the shower… One has to multi task, right? 1.- Euribe body chain, Marpe bralette and belly chain 2.- Clete body chain and Clymne hand chain

how to wear a body chain with a bikini

2. V-neck tops and low cut blouses.

Sure a statement necklace goes with everything, but switch things up a bit and accessorize your V-neck top with a body chain can be a very subtile way to look sexy. In case you are a blazer fan as me, wear it as well under a vintage or a colorful low cut blazer of this SS20 season. 1.- Thraso body chain and Okyale body chain. 2.- Areto body chain 3.-Euribe body chain with Marpe bralette 4.-Okyale body chain

how to wear a body chain with a v neck shirt or a low cut blazer

3. Backless dresses, jumpsuits and tops.

Feeling a little naked with that backless dress, jumpsuit or top? A body chain can totally fix that, just be sure to opt for one that is long with subtle layering and detail. That will add a special and unexpected elegance to your outfit those summer days. 1.- Lysippe body chain 2.- Clete body chain 3.- Areto body chain 4.- Skyleia body chain

how to wear a body chain with a backless dress, jumpsuit or top

4. Basic tees.

Who said your casuals have to be boring? Even a basic white top can turn into a sophisticated look with a body chain, it will be your perfect way to dress up a basic top with a pair of jeans.


5. Crop tops and bralettes.

Personally im not a huge fan but it doesn’t look like the crop top trend is going anywhere, so why not add your own personal touch to it with body chains or a dainty belly chain? 1 and 2 Lysippe body chain

how to wear a body chain with a crop top

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