Green: the color of life

Gemstones and healing crystals can be a powerful tool to help us connect our conscious thoughts with our body. Formed deep within the heart of earth, gemstones contain a great amount of history and wisdom. They have been through many transformations over many million years. To harness the full potential of crystals and gemstones you have to understand their meaning and their specific properties. 

I work with many different gemstones and one post just was not enough to talk about all of them. 

green body chain by Burke Ewig

Peridot: Ancient Egyptians called it “the gem of the sun” and today it is known to have a life-giving energy that can turn night into day. The Peridot’s properties are meant to make you feel good. It’s a stone of happy, light-hearted vibes. But it is also known as a powerful cleanser and it releases and neutralizes toxins. It’s said to open, cleanse and activate the hear to help us release old baggage. Peridot was a favorite of Cleopatra. She wore it not only because of its beauty, but also to ward off evil spirits. 

Malachite: Its lush green color echoes its deep connection with nature and its healing properties. It symbolizes transformation and brings energy and focus to new growth. The name Malachite could originate from two different Greek words, ‘malakee’ or ‘malache’ which would make reference to the resemblance of Mallow leaves or ‘malakos’ meaning soft. Wearing Malachite jewelry can balance out our inner highs and lows. Other meanings include the compassionate tenderness of a woman. The fierce warrior that is a mother. This is the energy of Malachite; all in one magnificent, magical and mysterious stone.

Tourmaline: As mentioned in the previous post, the name Tourmaline derives from an ancient Sinhalese word turmali, meaning “a mixed color precious stone,” or turamali, meaning “something small from the earth.” This gemstone is believed to foster inspiration and happiness. It helps to reduce fear and build self-confidence and it balances the male-female energy within the body. This beautiful stone attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

Aventurine: The Aventurine is known as one of the luckiest stones. It is a powerful general healer, it brings balance to the intellect, emotions and physical being. It clears negative thoughts and can calm negative emotions that we can get caught up in. The name comes from the Italian word ‘aventura’ which means ‘by chance.’ It has a winning energy that can boost your chances - no matter in which situation. The Aventurine has a strong connection to Earth and its live-giving elements. Wearing this stone absorbs electromagnetic smog. 

the perfect green accesories

Pictured in this blog entry are the Areto and Thraso body chain and the Anea hand chain in green.

how to wear a body chain

green body jewelry

hand chain with green gemstones

wear every a green body chain

the perfect accessory hand chain in green

Photography by Lela Radulovic

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