body jewelry to awake your senses

This will become the second skin, the armour of amour for ourselves.

Armour of amour

The finished product is a piece of body jewelry that adorns the body and wraps you in a fine grasp that feels intimate and exciting. You will feel the touch of the chain around the body that will awake your senses.


A secret that insinuates and invites to be discovered.

Delicate and peerless body jewelry designed to enhance and embrace the woman’s body. Every piece is hand made in Ibiza with gemstones, pearls and feathers. 

The jewelry fuses different textures and colors inspired in the sensuality of the Mediterranean nature. 

body jewelry for her

You can choose from a variety of metals and gemstones to create your individual version of the body jewelry.

Joyas negras y grises

"Your body is the harp of your soul and it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it." Khalil Gibran

White jewelry


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