Wear a Chunky Necklace for any Occasion

Typically, statement jewelry is thought of as oversized jewelry in vibrant colors. We think of the big size of the necklace as the reasoning for describing it as “statement” necklace. 

how to wear a chunky necklace with a body chain

A chunky necklace or any chunky fashion jewelry for that matter is a statement in itself, because of its size and often its color. It is a guaranteed eye-catcher. 

When it comes to styling large chunky necklaces keep in mind that less is more. If you want to avoid a too busy look choose between a necklace and big earrings, for example.

wear a chunky gemstone necklaces

The perfect counterweight to a chunky necklace is a classic outfit.  Which makes this kind of jewelry a great accessory to wear to work, as it styles up even the most corporate pantsuit. 

When it comes to evening wear, keep in mind that large chunky necklaces enhance your neckline and shoulder line. 

No matter what trends you are seeing at the moment you have to treat your chunky statement necklace as any great Vintage piece - it never goes out of style. 

Chunky fashion jewelry is all about an individual sense of style. So why not take the time to choose the one that’s right for you?! Gemstones give you plenty of possibilities to pick unique ways to express yourself and the more original the better!

Good jewelry is timeless. 

chunky necklaces with a french style outfit

french style with gemstone necklaces

layer a chunky gemstone necklace with a body chain

chunky gemstone necklace to make a statement

Pictured in this blog post: Collar Three strands jasper necklace, long jasper necklace and Brown Euribe body chain

Photography by Lela Radulovic in Ibiza

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