Necklaces with texture and history

coral necklace

Coral is an ancient gemstone, and has been used for thousands of years.

Since the beginning of the 1st millennium, precious coral has been highly prized as a gem believed to be endowed with mysterious, powerful and sacred properties. The Gauls often used coral gems as ornamentation for their helmets and weapons in the belief that it was a protective stone.

long gemstone necklaces layered with body chain

Ancient Egyptians also placed coral in tombs of the deceased to protect against evil spirits because they believed each coral gem actually contained divine blood.

coral necklace for every day

The Romans hung branches of coral around the necks of their children to protect them from danger. In the early 20th century, the people of Italy used coral for protection from the 'evil eye' and many Italians used it for infertility.

coral necklaces for this winter season
 Red coral is ideal for the root or base chakra and pink coral can be beneficial for the heart chakra.

Wear the coral necklaces with knitwear for this winter season or layer it with more necklaces and body chains.


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