Color therapy - women's jewelry to lighten your mood

The colors we choose to wear can influence our life and energy in more ways than we realize. Here’s your guide to color therapy in the form of gemstone body jewelry or necklaces. 

When I design my jewelry my obsession is not only the shape but as well the colors of the gemstones I use. color males me smile, color makes me happy, in other words nothing inspires me more then color. 

Traditional color therapy is the art of understanding how different colours affect us as individuals. That is to say; viewing colors creates electrical impulses in our brains that stimulate processes in our body that invoke different energy and emotions within each of us. Some colors can be stimulating and others soothing, but whether we realize it or not, color and light can affect everything from our mood and mindset to appetite and even decision-making.

It is important to remember that color associations are heavily affected by individual experiences and cultural influences. Color preferences are often linked to past experiences.

Turquoise gemstone jewelry

Turquoise combines the calming, expansive nature of green and the cool, quiet flow of blue. In Color Therapy, turquoise is often used for invoking courage and strength. It can also be applied in order to influence honest communications and to encourage communication with higher dimensional beings. 

color therapy turquoise gemstone necklaces layered with turquoise gemstone belly chain jewellry

Pink gemstone jewelry

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing.
color therapy pink body jewelry with rose quartz crystal gemstone

Blue gemstone jewelry

Blue is a cold color that can be used to help you become more peaceful and relaxed. Primary blue is often used in therapy settings used for meditation and relaxation. Blue can also be associated with wisdom, creativity, loyalty, and spirituality.
color therapy blue crystal gemstone body chains

Purple gemstone jewelry

Purple is a color that  is great to be used for treating people with a sleeping disorder or suffering from stress, it is used by people who practice meditation, to bring them in a higher state of concentration, and it can also increase creativity.


Color therapy purple and violet amethyst body chain and necklaces

Green gemstone jewelry

The color green is a symbol of nature. This calming and refreshing color is the easiest for the eye. It improves vision. In fact, research showed that it can improve a reading ability and comprehension. It is also a symbol of health.
Color therapy green gemstone jewelry body chain and chunky necklaces

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