Armour of Amour

Burke Ewig is a brand which celebrates the figure of the woman.

body chain gift for her

 Each body jewelry is intricately designed and handmade with dedication taking hours sometimes day’s to create each piece.

The finished product is a piece of body jewelry that adorns the body and wraps you in a fine grasp that feels intimate and exciting. You will feel the touch of the chain around the body that will awake your senses.

Burke Ewig especially works with metals and stones that elevate the energy of the woman. Giving her a new found confidence and love of her body.

body chain jewelry for her

Wearing a body chain is not simply putting on a piece of jewelry, it is making a statement.

Whether this is a gift for a lover this Valentine’s Day, or a gift for yourself, this will become the second skin of the woman it’s on. Equally beautiful to look at, as it is to wear.

This will become the second skin, the armour of amour for ourselves.

In the photos you can see the black Areto body chain and the black valaska hand chain.

Photography by Lela Radulovic

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