7 Different Ways to Wear Your Gemstone Jewelry

Do you have your eyes on a beautiful piece of gemstone jewelry? Or maybe you already own it and you might love it so much that you want to incorporate it more often into your outfits? Or you are not wearing it, because you don’t know how to combine it? 

Continue reading, because I have a couple of styling ideas. 

It really doesn’t matter how you would define your style, a nice piece of jewelry elevates your wardrobe and gemstone jewelry is one of the most versatile additions you can make. It adds a certain savoir-faire. So let’s see how different ways it can up your fashion. 

  • Just like the LBD, a classic that can be worn every day
  •      May it be a beautiful necklace or simple body chain, a more classic piece of gemstone jewelry adds some extra personality to any outfit. It’s like your signature piece that makes anything you wear ‘very you.’ It should be a piece that is understated to make sure it goes with anything, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Pick a bold colour if it’s what you like and what you associate with your look. The Onyx gemstone necklace makes a good signature piece or if you want to bring more attention to your neckline how about a body chain? You can stack with some plain metal pieces to mix it up if you are tired of wearing it on its own. Layering a gemstone necklace with a body chain can also be great compliment for your wardrobe.

    layer a body chain with chunky necklace

  • Dress up a plain and basic outfit with bold and chunky gemstone jewelry
  •       A great way to add a “Wow effect” to an outfit is to add a big piece of statement  jewelry. Gemstone jewelry is perfect, because it offers you bold colors and fun designs while still remaining classy and elegant. You can dress up a plain white tee and your favorite pair of jeans with a big turquoise gemstone necklace and matching body chains as the turquoise Euribe Body chain. It’s a classic, but fun look. Or add a Larimar and Amazonite necklace to your favorite little black dress for a night out. Bold necklaces brighten up any office outfit. 

    It’s not just about elevating your outfit. Grey clouds make you feel blue? No problem! Wearing a piece of bold jewelry can be the key to boost your mood. 

    turquoise gemstone necklace


  • A delicate piece to add sophistication and elegance
  •      We have been talking a lot about bright colored, bold pieces. But your gemstones don’t always have to be the protagonist. Sometimes a touch of color in the right places can refine your look and add an effortless sophistication and elegance to your outfit. The jewelry doesn’t have to overpower the rest. Adding a hand chain to your everyday work uniform can be enough to take your look to the next level. Wearing a gemstone bracelet can add a subtle pop of color and a simple body chain make any outfit more formal. wear a body chain with a matching hand chain

  • Vintage lover? A traditional piece is what you’re looking for!
  •      It’s not secret that the vintage fever caught on. Many modern designers are making references to the past with their pieces. If you love to shop second hand and browse thrift stores vintage-inspired jewelry can add an interesting twist. The only question is: What’s your favorite era? 

    A cute vintage look can seem hard to attain, but oftentimes the right jewelry can set the tone of the look you are going for. Look for inspiration online, images of the era you love. Vintage-style pieces like the Long Rose Quartz necklace can add the finishing touch to any outfit to be honest. 

    wear vintage inspired rose quartz necklace

  • Make color the theme of your getup
  •      Do you know anything about color psychology? It’s widely used in marketing and branding. So let’s use some color for your personal brand, shall we? I’m sure there is plenty of more information you can find about the meaning of different colors in books or online, but to give you the basics: The color blue, for example, is one of the most appealing colors. Many find it to be a calming, soothing color. Red is associated with power. Green symbolizes growth, vitality, and a fresh start, so when you find yourself lagging, a green necklace and bracelet can put a new spring in your step. Or let’s say you’re getting ready for an important business pitch. Wear some red gemstone jewelry, as the Coral necklace, for an extra boost of confidence. 

    Color can make a big statement in your style and fashion in general. Your jewelry can help you make the most of it. 

    pop you look with color

  • Gemstones stand out even more when you combine them with pearls
  •      There is no jewelry more classy than pearls. They are a staple in many jewelry boxes and pairing them with gemstone jewelry can create a great look, because they compliment each other so well. Pearls give gemstones a littler air and bright colored gemstones make pearls look less conservative. 

    No matter  how you decide to combine the two, both gemstones and pearls should be essentials in your jewelry box. It might be an unconventional pairing at first, but they compliment each other beautifully. 

    classic pearl necklace with a touch of color

  • Make your look more intriguing with a piece full of personality
  •      Interesting jewelry can be a really great ice breaker in any social situation. Pick a piece that has personality for days you know you’ll be running into a lot of people. Fun shapes, chunky pieces, bright colors, unconventional ways to wear your jewelry...you name it, sure is you will stand out from the crowd. 

    A more modest outfit can make a bold piece of jewelry the eye-catcher you need for a little boost of confidence and compliments from onlookers. If you think necklaces are the way to go for more daring styles, you might like the Skyleia body chain in pink the other way around with an open back shirt.

    wear an open back with a body chain

    If you take anything away from this post it should be making gemstone jewelry part of your wardrobe. It can instantly elevate any outfit. If you're looking for the perfect piece of gemstone jewelry for you, visit the gemstone necklaces


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