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Burke Ewig Jewelry

The story of Ewig

The story of Ewig

My jewelry designs are inspired in women, in femininity, in the body that gave life to us all. Long ago when I started to think of a name to ident...
Lysippe body chain with garnet

Lysippe body chain

In the history about the Amazons its always said that if they had sons they would give them to the tribe of their fathers, they would only would raise the born daughters.
clete body chain

·Clete body chain·

The body chain is inspired in the amazon from the greek mythology Clete.
"Beauty is an essence full of heart"

"Beauty is an essence full of heart"

I can no longer live without wearing your body chains, made with love adorned around my body I feel so strong. Your pieces have bought out a more sensual and confident side that lives within me, simply your pieces of jewelry make me love and appreciate my body and that is HUGE, especially as someone who has struggled with their body at times in life.
charlotte hayes jones wearing body chains

When Charlotte Hayes-Jones and Peter Westh are in Formentera

A couple of weeks ago the english actress Charlotte and the danish photographer did a shooting at my house in Formentera. June is a beautiful month...
Lela Radulovic wearing body chain

Lela Radulovic wearing body chain Aello

Let go, forget everything and simply feel. We can see one image and a thousand more apear in our minds. Isn’t that wonderful?

Lela Radulovic wearing body chain Aello

Thraso body chain worn by Elisa de Panicis

Thraso body chain worn by Elisa de Panicis

                This body chain is named after one of the amazon warriors in the greek mythology, in greek Θράσος. Her name means confidence...
black body chain

The eclipse of the mind in Ibiza

The stillness of my mind, the beauty displayed in front of me, the pleasure of the freshness and heat made me wake up in one of those fairy tales that were whispered to us long ago. 
Golden glow

Golden glow

It was early sunday morning. It was late but it had not dawned yet, the lamps on the street had still that yellowish glow when I looked through the linnen courtains of my window.